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Historical Cloth and Clothing Reproductions

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Dark blue uniform cloth

an excellent choice for making federal frock coats

Lucius Shirting



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Cooper Check




We have been going through some changes at B&B Tart.  Some may have noticed that in the past few months we have cut back on the items we were offering. Did this mean we were going out of business? Did this mean we were going to be offering less products?

 Quite the contrary!

We temporarily reduced our offerings so we could make additions in order to better our business.  These additions took time and planning, so we had to cut back on our services in the short run, so we could offer more in the long run.

We initially slowed down to acquire and incorporate ACW Kits from Cary Davisson.  Cary had developed a wonderful line of leather kits for the do-it-yourself enthusiast.  We wished to take this and expand it into a line of not only leather kits, but garment kits, flag kits, haversack kits, tools and supplies.  All this will be rolled under the name of ACW Kits.

Just as we started getting this up and running, another opportunity arose.  We had the option to acquire a weaving operation with all the equipment needed to run and maintain it.  This weaving operation had to have a space, adequate electrical service, and the equipment needed to be moved by professional riggers.  This took more time and planning.

We now have a warper, looms, card cutting machine to make patterns, tie-in machine, roll up machine, winder and etc.  This allows us to be self-sufficient in weaving and allows us to experiment and do short runs of unique fabric that larger weave mills are not willing to do.  We should be in production with this equipment by February (as long as no other opportunity gets in our way!)

We say all this to explain why we have not been offering as many products as we had been recently and to announce new services we will soon offer.

Please look for ACW Kits  at www.acwkits.com

Look for new fabrics to be available from Tartex Textiles on www.bnbtart.com

Our offering of garment blanks made to order is back on our blanks page.

Our offering of in stock blanks is being added to weekly.

We also have some new items listed on our in stock garments page.


Click on the image above to see a short video of our loom startup.

Ben and Beth



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