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We are Beth and Ben Tart.

Together we have a combined experience of 49 years reproducing historical textiles.

Beth holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in technical theatre and design with an emphasis in costume design.  Beth has re-enacted the American Civil War with her family in Michigan Cavalry units since 1986.Beth has been creating historical clothing since 1990 forherself and for others in more recent years. She has created theatrical costumes for Western Michigan University The Madison Ballet's production of "The Nutcracker." Beth joined Past Reflections a company providing historical reproductions to museums, and historical enthusiasts,as a partner in January 2006.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Chemistry with a concentration in dyeing and finishing. He has worked as a product development manager for a large textile firm.

Ben’s interest in material culture led him to begin Civil war reenacting in1981. Ben has given seminars on historic textiles in various settings including national parks and museums. He has been reproducing historical textiles and vegetable dyed fabrics from historical references for reenactors and museums since 1986. Ben has a particular interest in researching and reproducing historically accurate colors and the fading qualities associated with historic dyes. Ben has worked as a technician in the conservation labs at the North Carolina Museum of History and managed the textile conservation lab. Ben has performed as a consultant on various textile projects at the North Carolina Museum of History. Ben formed T B & B, a company providing historical reproductions to museums, and historical enthusiasts, in1998.

Beth and Ben  joined forces in 2011 to form B. & B. Tart. It is our intent to use our passion for detailed analysis of extant textiles in order to offer high quality reproductions to meet our customer’s requirements.


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