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Why is free event pickup the only shipping option showing up?

We have had a couple of customers tell us recently the only shipping option available when they check out is "free event pickup". Please be assured we are still shipping this appears to be some sort of technical error.

Here are a couple of "fixes" the IT team who hosts our website suggest trying:

1) Try checking out as a guest using the same details - If they are logged into an account have them log out and try as a guest; there could be some kind of issue with their account.

2) Try making the purchase using their browser's Incognito or Private Browsing mode.

3) Try disabling any autofill/form fill plugins or applications that may be inserting incorrectly formatted address info.


If this happens to you will you kindly send us a screen shot. I want to ask the IT team to look into the issue further but we need to know how wide spread the problem is.

Thank you for your help and patience while we address this issue!

How do I clean my jean cloth uniform?

Tub soak  in luke warm water with very mild detergent (just shampoo or bath soap will work NO bleaches, no not even the ones which say they are color safe bleach eats wool) using  minimal agitation. Rinse in warm water using minimal agitation. Line dry out in the sun.

****A note about our feline friends they are attracted to the smell of iron dyed cloth but you won't be pleased with them if they spray your uniform....critics....not only will your newly cleaned uniform smell less lovely then when you started but the amonia they produce will also discolor your vegetable dyed uniform. It's best to hang dry your uniform out of Fluffy's reach.  


What is the difference between dyed and fleece colors?

Fleece colors are the natural color of  the sheep's fleece. In other words brown colored Fleece/fiber comes from brown sheep, white colored Fleece/fiber comes from white sheep, and a tan  Fleece/fiber is what happens when someone doesn't lock the gate... no seriously a tan fleece color can be achieved by mixing the brown sheep's fleece with the white sheep's fleece.

Once dye has been applied by B. & B. Tart we call it a dyed color.


What is the difference between plains, jean, cassimere & satinette ?

The terms plains, satinette , cassimere and jean all refer to the weave structure in the cloth. All four weaves in the cloth we carry are wool filling threads woven over cotton warp threads. Plains cloth is a plain weave where the wool thread goes over one cotton thread and under the next. In jean weave the wool thread goes under 1 cotton thread then over the next two. In cassimere cloth the wool thread goes under 2 cotton threads then over the next two this weave is offset so that there is a defined twill line on both the face and the back of the cloth. In satinette the wool thread floats over several cotton threads before going under one. Satinette has most of the wool on the face of the fabric and most of the cotton on the back to mimic an all wool fabric.


Are you an Authentic Campaigner Approved Vendor?

No. When the Authentic Campaigner was first developed Ben was asked if he would like to be included on the list. The idea of paying to be an approved vendor never sat quite right with him and he declined to be included in the approved vendor list. He and one other well known and well respected provider of authentic reproduction items that we know of have choosen to opt out of approved vendor status. We have been and continue to be greatful for the positive comments that the Authentic Campaigner allows to be discussed about us and our products on their forum.   

Can I order fabric in 1/2 or 1/4 yard increments?

Yes, we are happy to sell our cloth in partial yard increments...however, our sister site does a much better job handling these orders online. Please go to www.tartextextiles.com to place these types of orders online. Simply type the decimal for the fractional quantity you wish to order in the quantity box (.25 for 1/4 yard, .5 for 1/2 yard or .75 for 3/4 yard) for instance 2.5 yards for 2 1/2 yards.

If you would prefer we will gladly accept these orders by phone or mail.  

Do you ship to APO/FPO/DPO addresses?

Yes, Absolutely.

When selecting a country in your shipping address please scroll down and choose USA Military instead of the default United States.

Then use the following format for entering your address.

Format 1

Name: John Smith

Address 1: Division Number, Box Number

City: APO or FPO

State: AE (if the customer is in Africa, Canada, Europe, or the Middle East) or AP (if the customer is in the Pacific) or AA (if the customer is elsewhere in the Americas)

Zip code: XXXXX (optional for addresses outside US and Canada)

Format 2 (California and New York addresses only):

Name: John Smith

Address 1: Division Number, Box Number

Address 2: APO

City: San Francisco

State: CA

Zip code: 94132

I purchased 2 day shipping for my order it has been longer than 2 days. Why don't I have my order?

When you get to the check out page and see shipping times on the left hand side of the page like the image below. These are the shipping times as calculated by either the post office or UPS. These shipping times only calculate the shipping time once the package is recieved by the mail carrier.

Some of our items which are in stock (such as instock blanks and garments)  will typically get to the mail carrier on the business day after we recieve your order.

Other items which are made to order (such as our kits, mark-ups, blanks and fabric which is not in stock) require additional processing times beyond just shipping times. These turn around times are posted either on the item description page or in some cases on the header of the main page on our website (such as on the top of the blanks page)

Do you ship internationally?

No, as of July 2021 we have made the decision to only ship within the United States. This decision was made due to the increasing number of countries which require us to register, collect and remit taxes on their behalf and the administration time this process requires. We apologies for any inconvenience this causes for our customers. 

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