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Finished Garments > Lined N.C. Sack Coat (Fatigue Blouse)
Lined N.C. Sack Coat (Fatigue Blouse)

Price: $235.00
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Our lined sack coat has a four piece body with two piece sleeves, two inside patch pockets (one on each side), six NC State Seal button front and extends to mid thigh.  It is machine top stitched in black as per the original. It is made of woolen jean cloth as per the original. Button holes are hand worked. Body and sleeves lined in osnaburg. Trimmed with strips of colored cloth sewn flat to the shoulders of the coat.

Our lined NC sack coat is based off of the one known surviving original. The original is lined only in the sleeves and not the in body. By offering this lined version we are able to eliminate the need for extensive hand work on the inside of the coat. The outside of our lined version is virtually the same as the original.

The NC sack was widely issued to the N.C. Troops early in the war. The state issues sack coats were made by contractors. On Feb. 8th of 1862 the order went out from Raleigh to contractors to stop cutting the sack coat. It is probable that the sack coat was issued well into the spring of 1862.

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