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North Carolina Blanket

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This reproduction blanket was woven by Family Heirloom Weavers in Red Lion PA a weaver with an extensive knowledge of historic textiles. This cobalt blue 100% wool blanket is woven with a 2/2 twill ( blanket) weave with proper return (shuttle woven) selvage with linen in the selvage edge per the original. The surviving originals have olive or brown stripes. The consensus it that when new these stripes were black. We choose to reproduce this blanket using a blackish dark brown yarn so as to represent a black that is beginning to break to brown.  Another detail seen in some original blankets you will find in our reproduction run are subtle shade bars in both the body and stripes (see echos of glory) we cannot guarantee your blanket will have one of these shade bars but you may be lucky enough to get one. 

These blankets measure approximately 66" x 77" and weight approximately 3.5 pounds.

This is a great blanket for portraying North Carolina Soldier from Mid-war to the end of the war. The original blankets were believed to be of English manufacture and run through the blockade.

A portion of every North Carolina blanket we sell from this run will be donated to The New Bern Historial Society who cares for the original artifact we studied before beginning this project. The original blanket is attributed to Henry Clay Whitehurst of the 67th NC Regiment. His regiment served in North Carolina and was involved in the Carolina's campaign.

Original New Bern Blanket atop a 1980's reproduction Our reproduction atop the same 1980's reproduction

Additional information about North Carolina Blankets can be found in the following article from the Company of Military Historians

Fred Gaede, "Three NC Blankets," Journal of the Company of Military Historians, vol. 41, no. 3 (Fall 1989).


Unmarked blankets  will come with a template, yarn, and instructions on how to mark the NC on your blanket. 

The letters are worked in stem stitch. Here is an excellent video on how to work the stitch.

Some blankets were bound after issue. If you choose to bind your blanket using a blanket stitch you may find this video from Civil War Digital Digest helpful. 

Please allow an additional two weeks processing time if are ordering a blanket with the NC already stitched into your blanket.

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