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 This fabric is a 1800's period correct weight and heavier than many department store osnaburg fabrics on the market. It is great for jacket and pant linings it would also make an excellent quilt back.

We offer this fabric both Not Finished so that you can pre-shrink the fabric as you wish or Finished/pre-shrunk and ready to cut.

Why should I pre-shrink my osnaburg?

Completing this process will reduce the chance your cloth will shrink once it has been made into a garment.

If you choose to finish/pre-shrink your own fabric we recommend the following process 

Wet the cloth out full width fill with enough hot water to cover the fabric. (A bathtub works well) Add some mild detergent (shampoo works great) and allow the fabric to soak for 30 minutes.

Drain the water and refill with enough warm water to cover the fabric allow the cloth and allow to soak for an additional 15-20 minutes.

Line dry. *You can also tumble dry your osnaburg in the dryer it may require extra pressing and before cutting if you choose to do so. 

Fiber Content: 100% Cotton.

$10.00 per yard unfinished

$12.00 per yard finished

Approximately 56" wide.

Made in the USA!

B. & B. Tart exclusive fabric

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