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"Logwood" Jean Cloth

Price: $44.00
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A reproduction logwood vegetable dyed wool and cotton fabric woven with a twill pattern which will fade to a “butternut” brown often seen in confederate uniforms and civilian clothing of the 1800's.

Fiber Content: Wool and Cotton.

54 inches wide.  

Sold by the yard

This fabric has been finished/pre-shrunk.

Made in the USA!

Vegetable dyed using a historical dye recipe and traditional dying methods. Fades to a tan "butternut" color. The image below gives an indication of the color this cloth turns after fading. The top portion of the image was kept from sun exposure while the bottom half was exposed to direct sunlight for 9 days. The top portion of the image has lost some of its original color due to heat exposure. We expect that this type of fading would be roughly equivalent to about 3 weeks of a soldier's life. 

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