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Drab Plains C.Wright Jacket Blank Run

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Price: $140.00
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Prod. Code: 4675;4679;4676;4674;4678;4677

This jacket has 4 piece body, 1 piece sleeves, 1 interior pocket.

Made of our standard high quality dust plains cloth recognized in reproduction uniforms to be correct and durable.

Lined in our  premium custom woven Osnaburg 100% cotton fabric.

Based off the C. Wright Jacket in the Smithsonian.  It is unknown what theater he served in. It is a plain "no frills" jacket because this jacket can not be tied to a particular time and place in the war and it's plain and has few distinguishing details which may otherwise limit its use we believe this to be a good "general purpose" impression. The original is a 6 button front with cast block I buttons.

This is not a one time run. Some sizes may not always be in stock. Generally we will produce sizes 38-52 at various times for this jacket style.

Please be sure that your blank fits you before finishing work is done as we will not accept returns of blanks once they have had finishing work done by anyone other than B. & B. Tart.

A blank includes the assembled pieces and instructions for finishing the garment. You will need to close the lining at the neck with a few whip stitches, work the button holes, and sew on the buttons. Buttons and thread are not included but are available for an additional charge.

Our in stock blanks typically ship within 2-3 business days.

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