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In Stock Garments > Size 42 Logwood Woolen Jean Cloth Richmon Depot Type II
Size 42 Logwood Woolen Jean Cloth Richmon Depot Type II

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These jackets seem to have been in production from the Spring of 1862 to mid-1864. They are seen in photographs in use through to the end of the war. These jackets seem to have been produced by the Richmond Clothing Bureau primarily for the A.N.V. They typically have a nine button closure with a button affixed through each shoulder strap.

This jacket features our Logwood woolen jean cloth. Vegetable dyed using a historical dye recipe and traditional dying methods. Fades to a tan "butternut" color. The included image gives an indication of the color this cloth turns after fading. The top portion of the image was kept from sun exposure while the bottom half was exposed to direct sunlight for 9 days. The top portion of the image has lost some of its original color due to heat exposure. We expect that this type of fading would be roughly equivalent to about 3 weeks of a soldier's life.

  • Six piece body,
  • two piece sleeves,
  • non buttoning belt loops,
  • non buttoning shoulder straps,
  • Lined in cotton osnaburg and have an inside pocket
  • 9 hand stitched button holes
  • Block I Buttons
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