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Made to Order Garment Blanks

 Blanks are garments that are completely put together, but with no button holes or top stitching. A blank is wearable when you receive it. It is not a bundle of pieces that have to be sorted out and joined together. You will know that a blank is a fit before doing alot of work on it only to find it does not fit and cannot be returned. It is enough for many customers to put their effort in the hand finishing of the garment. Even better, blanks cost only a little more than other makers charge for a kit!

All of the pictures below are garment blanks.

To finish a jacket blank you will need to

  • add buttons
  • Stitch the button holes
  • turn under and whip stitch about 6" of  the lining to the jacket
  • top stitching if you wish

To finish our pant blanks you will need to

  • add buttons
  • stitch button holes
  • add buckle to the back adjustment belt and whip stitch stitch one end of the belt. 


You can order the blank and have it shipped to you or someone else for completion however, if you choose this option, please remember that blanks are not returnable once someone else has finished the garment. 

Blanks ordered from this page are made to order and require time to process. At this time blanks ordered from this page ship within 4 weeks.

Please see our sister site www.acwkits.com for other "Blank Kits" and "Cut Kit" listings. 

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